Department of Electronics Engineering

  1. To become outstanding engineer leading the electronic engineering

  2. To nurture the students to become professional ethics

  3. To conduct research on electronic engineering

  1. To make students of outstanding electronic engineering effectively through student-centered education

  2. To expend opportunities for pursuing post-graduate studies

  3. To focus on a well managed and accountable professionals

  4. To contribute to the requirements of state and communities

Let”s Promote Our Living Standard by Applying Electronics

1Dr. Aye Aye NwePhD(EC)Professor and
2Daw Thu Zar TheinME(EC)Associate
3U Khin Zaw OoME(EC)Associate
4Daw Nilar KhinME(EC)Associate
5Daw Naing Naing KyawME(EC)
6Daw Thae Hsu ThoungME(EC)
7Daw Than Than HtayME(EC)
8Daw Win Myat MonME(EC)
9Daw Zar Chi Win SanBE(EC)
10Daw May Aye Ngal AungME(EC)Assistant
11Daw Khaing Sandar MonME(EC)Assistant
12Daw Thi Thi KhaingME(EC)Assistant
13Daw Zin Mar MyintBE(EC)Assistant
14Daw Khaing Khaing WinBE(EC)Assistant
15Daw Nan Ei Ei ChawBE(EC)Assistant
16Daw War War TintBE(EC)Assistant
17Daw Thet Su HoneyME(EC)Assistant
18Daw Nilar WinBE(EC)Assistant
19Daw The Oo LwinBE(EC)Assistant
20Daw Thet Mo HtweME(EC)