Department of Student Affairs

To work together for the systematic success of the student management and teaching sectors in the producing of qualified engineers.

To work for teaching issues, the systematic and continuous improvement of student discipline issues. To complement the student management process of students in a timely manner. 

Engineering Education for Holistic Development.

NoName DegreePositionPhotoEmail
1Daw Tin Tin MoeB.A (Geo)Office Superintendent
2Daw Hlaing Hlaing WinB.Sc (Zoology)Branch Clerk
3Daw Than Than NaingB.A (Geo)Branch Clerk
4Daw Ni Ni WinB.Sc (Chemistry)Branch Clerk
5Daw Aye Aye AungB.Sc (Stat)Branch Clerk
6U Zin Bo BoGrade - 10Pyone
7Daw Zar Chi AyeGrade - 10Pyone